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Life, an invaluable gift of time, serves as my artistic canvas to tell stories and preserve history through photography, fueling my perpetual inspiration. My commitment lies in capturing personalities, revealing the true essence of moments through artistic, creative, and emotional photographs. I employ all senses to create powerful images, anticipating and feeling moments before they unfold. With my years of being a photographer, my reflexes, and a conscious mind, help me to seize the fleeting gift of time, documenting significant points for present and future generations.

My journey into photography commenced at the age of 10, when my father gave me a camera, as he observed my interest in art. The moment I held my first camera—a calling that resonated with the natural feeling and fit of the camera in my hand, it was familiar, I had been there before. This marked the beginning of a lifelong love affair with capturing moments and connecting with those in front of my lens. Raised amidst the dual landscapes of nature and NYC, my upbringing in social and athletic environments cultivated adaptability, a trait that has shaped my diverse career.

Born into a family that built ski areas (Catamount and Jiminy Peak in the Berkshires), skiing and horseback riding became integral parts of my life. Exploring and recording nature, my animals and the world around me became a continuous pursuit, enhanced by extensive travels with Ski Racing International, documenting the U.S. Ski Team and Snowboard Team globally.

My photography portfolio spans fine art, weddings, events, reunions, corporate, commercial, real estate, and pets and people photography—all fueled by my passion for capturing connections. Clients, including Hermes of Paris, American Express, The Brooklyn Academy of Music, Town & Country Magazine, Vermont Life Magazine, New York Times, Ski Magazine, Powder Magazine, and Dakine, attest to the diverse scope and quality of my work.

Formally educated in graphic design and photography at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, the Academy of Arts in San Francisco, and the New England School of Photography, my journey extends to teaching photography at The Berkshire School and the Palm Beach Photographic Centre.

Currently, my inviting fine art gallery awaits, next to the Waitsfield farmers' market. Bring your family and pets, while I capture moments, and you explore the fine art gallery. Consider joining creative classes too! I look forward to meeting you, share the unique process, and create custom fine art tailored to your home and lifestyle. Whether a dog/child portrait, wedding/event, or "A Day in the Life of Your Family/you," I interpret your vision into art, and we collaborate to bring your vision to fruition.

I invite further conversation to explore how my passion for photography, art and storytelling can contribute to your unique moments.

Contact Barrie Fisher Photo at 802-777-5665 (LOOK) or

Please text for appointment or when the “OPEN”sign is hanging.

Available for travel worldwide.


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The essence of my inspiration lies in nature, as it is my guide. The life stories I weave and the history I preserve through photography stems from the observation of witnessing and feeling all that surrounds. My artistic, creative, and emotional photographs are a testament to the belief that a powerful image engages all my senses. Anticipating moments by observing, listening, and feeling allows me to craft compelling narratives while capturing history.

"Life" unfolds in precious moments, fleeting jewels preserved only through the lens of the "actual moment." The reflexes and conscious presence needed to seize these gems are paramount, for in an instant, they vanish. I live authentically, guided by nature's energy and vibrations, grateful for each passing day.

My life's work is a journey, enabling artistic exploration and imagination. It evokes tears, joy, and laughter, rendering me profoundly alive. Centered on the "present moment," I have the privilege of documenting it for the world. Photography is my gift, resonating to my core, and in this lifetime, it is my profound expression of gratitude and connection.