Simply the Best!!

Anne - Mother of the Bride

The Shelburne Museum - on the Ticonderoga


Barre is a fabulous photographer. Her engagement and wedding photos for two of my children are fantastic. Recently, she photographed my daughter's wedding and the photos are stunning. They are beautifully arranged with elegant use of light and color and composition. They also capture the vast emotions of the memorable day: reflective, sacred, precious, joyous and some that are hysterical. There are some photographs among the bunch that are absolute , jaw dropping works of art! Barre is simply a wonderful person to spend the day with. She is funny and thoughtful and she just makes everyone feel relaxed and at ease with being photographed. She's got a real knack for pulling together all the different families or groups for pictures are often overlooked or forgotten until it's too late. We are fortunate to have them all. Thanks Barre!

Anne, (mother of the bride)